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What About Dried Flowers?

Welcome to the world of dried flowers! Flower trends are beginning to lean dried and for good reason. Dried florals can be of all shapes and sizes and serve a purpose that most fresh florals can't. You may wonder: What's so exciting about dead shriveled flowers? There are many things, and Free State Flora is here to guide you through the pros and cons!

There are many advantages to dried arrangements and bouquets. One is that they hold their look significantly longer. They are already dead! How they look is how they will look forever. As long as they are kept out of direct sunlight, their color should hold fairly well and you never have to worry about wilting. Once you find one you like, you can keep it on your table or mantle for as long as you like without the need to re-up like with fresh flowers. No more coming home after a long day to floppy and sad flowers!

This can also be a benefit on any wedding day! Dried florals can keep their shape and look for outdoor weddings and can help to create a beautiful bouquet you can keep forever. At Free State Flora, we have helped brides incorporate dried florals into their weddings to give them that sophisticated boho look of their dreams. Incorporating dried flowers can also help any desired fresh flowers pop!

Everyone seems to be ready to hop on this 2022 flower trend, including Free State Flora! We don't anticipate seeing it leave anytime soon either. 2023 looks to have a bright future planned for dried flowers, and here at the shop, we are excited. We aim to keep dried florals present in our shop at all times. Upon walking in, you will find multiple dried arrangements and one to two bins of dried neutral and colorful bouquets. On display, you will see our ready-to-go bridal bouquets made with dried and artificial materials. This can definitely be beneficial to any last-minute bride who wants to ensure they have a beautiful bouquet that can produce just as gorgeous pictures!

Now, you may be wondering: This sounds great! How could there be any downsides? While on our dried flower journey, we have been able to come up with a few minor inconveniences that, luckily, are more our problem than yours.

At our shop, the majority of our flowers are dried by us and we have noticed a few things. Once dried, our typical filler flowers tend to be a bit less filling. This can make hiding our mechanics a bit more of a challenge. But no worries! We have our ways. A go-to for our shop is moss. You heard me right! When we start our arrangement we cover the top of the foam or chicken wire with dried moss. You can easily stick the dried stems through the moss, into the foundation, and voila! This method can be kept tame a tidy for a sophisticated look or kept a bit messy for a more whimsical display. It is all up to you. In our shop, we have muted moss, that can really let the flowers shine, as well as bright green moss, to add a beautiful pop.

While these flowers are long-lasting, you may want to keep them higher up and away from small hands. Fresh flowers can be tipped over making water go everywhere. Dried flowers can be a bit more fragile and too many good tumbles can cause petals to fall. They can take a few bumps and slips but it is always good to err on the side of caution. It may also be beneficial to keep dried florals out of direct sunlight to ensure their color is preserved and always looks bright and beautiful.

Has your interest in dried flowers been sparked? Gives us a call or come into the shop to learn all about the versatility of dried arrangments and bouquets! we are always happy to feed your need for flower knowledge as we, too, are always finding new flower trends to explore. We hope you enjoy your future dried beauties as much as we enjoy ours!

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Wow, dried florals are definitely a fave of mine! Pls pls pls never let this trend die!

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