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Do you love flowers? Do you dream of spring blooms? Do you drool over lush Pinterest bouquets? Do you have to stop on the highway to photograph a field of flowers? If you answered yes to any of these then Free State Flora wants to serve you on your wedding day. If you want a wedding illuminated by the grace of flowers then we seriously need to talk! 

Free State Flora specializes in bespoke floral creations for bridal parties, ceremony altars, and reception halls. If your Midwest wedding needs lush, unforgettable flora then we have what you need! Kansas brides choose Free State Flora for their wedding because of our natural design, color choices, and eye for luxurious flowers. We pride ourselves on creating a beautiful piece of art no matter how small or large the project.


We delight in working closely with couples to bring their floral visions to life. Each wedding is tunique and deserves our full attention. The number of weddings and events we take on each year is limited to ensure the highest level of care for our couples.  We are currently servicing weddings with floral budgets starting at $3,000.

We are starting to consult with 2024 & 2025 Couples.

If you would like to sit down for coffee and talk flowers then we would love to meet with you. We will ask you to answer a few questions, share some inspiration images and set a date to meet up.

Let's Talk Flowers

Thanks A Million!

Your average flowers have come so far! I mean literally, they often come from thousands of miles away like Bogota, Columbia, or Haarlem, Holland. Even the flowers that we buy from local farmers, or from my own garden have made one heck of a journey. Each flower starts off as an intsy-tintsy seed that is germinated and fawned over for weeks before going out into an equally babied field. The process of germination, cultivation, and harvest often takes months and years of tender love and care. Once the blooms are ready, they are carefully cut, bunched, and transported near and far.


Upon arriving in our studio we lovingly cut them up and strip them down. After removing all thorns and foliage the flowers are finally taken down to individual stems ready for arranging. The process of preparing and arranging flowers happens all in the quick days leading up to the special day. It is amazing how much time and effort goes into delivering blooms at the peak of perfection for one magic moment in time.

The cost of a wedding, in general, can be surprising, and flowers can easily be overlooked or passed off as trivial. They just die right?! NO! While the flowers will not be fresh forever, they will live on in your photos, your memories, or preserved in resin until the end of time.

A fresh flower installment will breathe life into a venue and provide a totally unique experience for your guests. They can take pictures in front of a floral wall and oogle at the amazing centerpieces. Your bouquet will be at the heart of so many of your pictures, why shouldn't it look as fabulous as you?! Not to mention the scent of certain flower varieties. Scents so specific will hold strong in your memory for decades to come. Why not smell those garden roses each year on your anniversary? The memories of kissing your spouse for the first time? Or, anxiously waiting to walk down the aisle? Those moments will flood back to you upon smelling your special blooms.

The Value of Flowers

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