The perfect addition to your home this fall. A warm and moody touch to your home as things cool down outside. These hand-crafted wreaths are a celebration of fall, with so many dried and preserved elements, what once was fresh is now dried to perfection.  Their cyclical nature symbolizes the ever-changing seasons of our lives and the rebirth of nature each year. We have selected our favorite products to fit every home style.



We have selected our very favorite dried bits of flowers, foliage and grasses. It was our goal to utilize as much locally grown product as possible, but haven’t left out any of our fun imports either. Each wreath is 100% unique in product and design.



This product does NOT ship and will only be delivered in and around Wichita Kansas. $5 for in town deliveries and $10 outside of Wichita city limits. You can pick up at our shop for free during regular shop hours. 



If this wreath is a gift, please let us know in the notes section. Please provide their phone number and any special message you would like to send.

Fall Wreath: Gothic Revival